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The Lawyer

The Lawyer

For all paperwork and legally binding agreements, legal due diligence, fiscal and labour issues

All buying and selling transactions need the assistance of a professional lawyer. Lawyers play a role during almost every step in a buying selling process, from the moment your are putting up your business for sale, get interested parties, have to deal with your employees, banks, real estate, taxes etc.

It is important to know upfront when, and for what you need legal assistance. Although every transaction and the parties involved are unique, the involvement of legal experts covers more or less the same issues during the preparations, interviewing, negotiations and finalization of a transactions. These issues include keeping information confidential, dealing with labour issues, fiscal matter and transactional documents.

Ask us for information when it is needed to contact lawyers, and when; what needs to be asked from them, or what you need to know when talking to them. With lawyers it is as with education: if you think they are expensive, try ignorance!

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