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The Librarian

The Librarian

We offer standard documents as checklists, questionnaires, contracts etc.!

During a process of buying and selling a company or business there is a need for a number of documents, questionnaires, checklists, contracts and a lot of personal data of people involved and of course the business or company involved.

This material and documents need to be organized and kept in easy (or not! See “The Guard”) accessible archives, to create a so-called data-room. This a task for a librarian, to classify and order the documents and information that keeps accumulating during a process of a transaction. Especially during the later stages of a process, when a due diligence process is going to take place and when contracts are drawn up, the availability and readily access to documents can be crucial to make a transaction successful or not.

Ask us how we can help you to organize this task, and make sure the transaction will not fail because of disorganized or lost information!

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